Who will dare? Beyoncé is interested in setting a talent is important, Shakira


Beyoncé is preparing something big and for this you need a choreographer of world-class, and who better than the Shakira to.

The us-celebrity he message, to know recently then of him, she put an offer on Liz Dany field Díaz, professor of champeta from the Colombian singer.

Who will dare to dance in this style? You don’t know, but what is for sure is that the award-winning personality fear not to test, new dances, in their music videos, and presentations.

The dancer has been Moved in the program “” that the manager of the the wife of Jay-Z the non-contacted, to provide you with the offer that he give as“”.

It is expected that by 2020, the celebrated composer they advertise an international tour, remember that in the last year, the rapper played one of the most successful in the last time.

What Yes box Díaz clarified is that would the the team of dance entrepreneur in the long run, the is now with Shakira.

The actress the lent his voice in the lion king, in this time, the business world is devoted to his well-known career in music.