Angelina Jolie wants to be a part of the franchise, Star Wars.


Angelina Jolie was as a Complainant in the productions of Disney. In addition to her role as Maleficent’, the actress plays in Topic The Eternal in the MCU. Or the diamond is the only thing that is missing, to appear in a big franchise for the studio: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In an interview with the MTV Newsthe actress has revealed the way that you like to experience an adventure in a galaxy “far, far”. It was in the “corner” of the Director With The Rising FuelTo say J. J. Abrams, and during the D23 only, “you have no idea, why can’t it be Star Wars: The Clone Wars“. In spite of the desire to be a part of the franchise, Jolie has confessed that she even thought about it, what role would you like to play.

The scene in the trailer, The ascension, and Luke (source: Lucasfilm/Play)

During the interview, the star also talks a bit about his involvement in the MCU, and with the accolades of the universe, who has created the studio, and Kevin Feige, the one who calls him. Angelina says he is very happy to be a part of the Marvel family, and there is diversity in the cast.

Directed by Chloé Zhao, the history of the The Eternal it hits theaters on may 6. Day of November in the year 2020. Those who want to see the eternal artist of Lara Croft in this year should not miss Maleficent: the mistress of Evilpremiere on 17. October. It With The Rising Fuel (without the diamonds) will be released in Brazil on 19 December of this year.

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