Beyonce and Blue Ivy pay homage to ‘The lion king’ and sign your best look game


If you thought the best styles of the year had passed, the red carpet at the Met Galastandby to have the current look Beyoncé. On the occasion of the Wearable Art Galathe popular singer his fans confused with a great styling. A look that is tailored to your daughter Blue Ivy the has made it possible for him to prove in addition to the promotion of their upcoming and highly-anticipated project, who is the true Queen in the areas of glamour, extravagance and style. A message that could go, is aimed at Kim Kardashian and all those who think that she is the businesswoman in California, is the largest standards in terms of style of the moment.


Took place last Saturday, however, was now Beyoncé has shown, the appearance of chose, this year for participation in the Wearable Art Gala, an annual event in Santa Monica, which is at the expense of his mother and coming faces in the context of the music, the television or the cinema, and served in this edition of the informal meeting between the wife of Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams, ex-components, all of destiny’s Child. “You can’t make a dress with a small collar, to wear you all-in you. If you are in the Gala for the Met, there are those who have called, explained the event, the Met in the West”, a few days ago, self-organizing, in the diary The ” Los Angeles Times. Maybe that’s why, and with the aim of overcoming the striking look of ‘drop of water’, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé set for this appointment all of your style and know-how in fashion, in order to show that there is no one like you in the development of a number of effects.


Wherein the foot of the letter to the selected motto for this occasion, “A journey in the countries of the pride”, in honor of the new version of The lion kinga band , in which he has a voice, Nala, Beyoncé of decided to transform, a whole leone, thanks to a Golden monkey embroidery, sequins, beads, Georges Hobeikato see the head of a cat, the feathers, with mane animal was on the chest. For a look, was a layer of finish glitter and shone even more thanks to the outfit the little Blue Ivy. And is that the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, accompanied his mother to this event with a styling of the Africa-inspiration-with the versionó a design of Haute Couture from Valentino the singer led at a concert in Paris last year, and included a variety of colorful beads, ethnic, both the fabric of the clothing, as well as in the add-ons that you have chosen.

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