By Paula Lavigne, Caetano Veloso, and opened his house in Rio Vermelho in Salvador, bahia, for the upcoming year of 2020 notes – Glamurama


Caetano Veloso and Paula Lavigne || Play

By Paula Lavigne, Caetano Veloso, going to make him a garland on the New year in the city. In the scenario that you will be the only home you have on the hill for the throne, on the Red River. In the home, it is also a meeting place for artists, events and rodas de samba, as in this season. In one of the hype, Hattusa Anitta, Martnália, Silvero Pereira, Dom Chicla, and Majur all night were on a sound between close friends. The information is from the “Hello, Hello, state of Bahia”