Coronavirus is causing tourists to cancel in Europe, and increase you travel to the Beautiful economy


In Europe, there are, even if only temporarily, suspended. At least from the point of view of the tourism industry Nicethe 257 km from the capital, is the most sought after destination in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The reason for this is the “coronavirus” because of the Sars-Cov-2, the spread on the European continent as well as the fear. The agencies and the hotels are Beautiful at this time of the season, the move has increased, especially in some of the Brazilian, who left the old world for eco-tourism.

One of the most popular destinations of Brazil, Italy, was placed under quarantine in the whole country, the number of deaths (in a country populated by many senior citizens is the second largest outside of China. The fear of the spread of the new flu virus, in order to travel within the country, has long been an option.

Despite the positive impact on the local economy and the amazing increase in the cases of magazines in Brazil and get the latest information from the Ministry of Health type in 73 confirmed cases of the infection, the virus is a major concern, the agencies and hotels that have accepted the protocols, you come to the free, and for the tourists, as in.

The Director of sustainability for the group in the Rio de la plata, which will not Remain in position, and rabbit explains that there is no prospect of a reduction in movement or behind closed doors, and this is already the case in Europe.

“Our Protocol is. the alcohol gel at the disposal of the tourists, and the staff We do not have the impact, and the attractions are not closed. The measures need to the progress of the virus in China and the outbreak is now over, we estimate that in Brazil, the outbreak slightly, and you should not have any impact on the industry directly,” he said.

Agent, travel Agency, Brazil NiceBrand, also operates a hotel in the city, Check-out the saints of the last days, he told them that the waste has led to friction, the removal of the overseas destinations, and the search for places “safer”.

“Now, with the warning, the people are afraid, but because the place is far, far away, they decided to move to the target from the outside, because she thought it more safe and secure. Nice it is more on the script than on the outer side that you choose to travel this way, all think the same way,” he said.

As already explained, the Protocol is a guide to hygiene and to the questions are standard at the front Desk of the hotel, especially the foreign tourists, who, it is said: “where you come from and how it came to be.” One of the suspects, he said, should be directed to Agency Health. She said, however, that “outsiders are not welcome”.

To support the finance Agency, Long Nice – work with hotel-bed and Breakfast – Anne to-day, said that the time was surprised. “Here, this is considered the off-season, we have a lot of visits and searches, bookings for March and April, the Brazilian public,” he said.

“We get the lead, and in the matter of foreign visitors, we were worried, but we will have to wash the methods in the instructions we have received, we amplified the alcohol in the gel, and cover your hands. We do not try to understand every movement that would give them, that we have the slope, we tried to find our bearings. Thank God, until now we have not received all persons no symptoms at all,” he said.

In Hi Hotel, the travel Agency and the receptionist, Sydney, Paula has been recognized that in the last couple of weeks, and the proportion of tourists from Brazil jumped from 20% up to 70% off. To show even so, the fear of the “post-pandemic” Phase, began in the effects: the shares have fallen since Monday (the 9th). At the end of the week, he noted, one of the Brazilians asked for free for the last minute, because he canceled a trip to Europe.

He said that the company has not adopted a method of prevention by design, but also the staff lead for the tourists and provide alcohol gel in the rooms of the hostel. It, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia are the countries where most of the tourists come from.

Pandemic Officially the world health organization (world health organization Health), such as a pandemic, but there are no cases of confirmed new coronavirus in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. On Wednesday (the 11th), seven cases were examined in the state.

The virus can be diagnosed the cause of a respiratory syndrome, and severe, which is why it is called the Sars epidemic, to be in accordance with the example of the first coronavirus, two years ago. Brazil has, until now, has 73 occurrences of the less well-known syndrome, which is caused by a virus, the Covid-19. There is a new suspicion of the virus in são paulo, Brazil, BAHIA, rio grande do sul, and FR.

How is the coronavirus, the Ministry of the country Health to rent a publish message to a 5-thousand doctors in the framework of the program of Medical care. The virus rose to over 110 countries, infected more than 126 killed-thousands of people in and around 4,6 thousand of them were. The WHO estimates that 3.4 percent of patients die because of the covid-19. Nevertheless, experts have estimated that the rate of mortality, which, in turn, approximately 2% or less.