Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and other singers, have won the Super Bowl


Hardly, there are a couple of photos. Their performance is not filmed, but the testimonies of the participants in the stadium, Tulane universityin New Orleans, show, was one of the shows, the most spectacular. You Fitzgeral it was not only the first woman to participate in a halftime at the Super Bowl. The was first African-American and the first celebrity, as the participation was up in front of her, in charge, the band, the music of the University.

But those 16. January 1972, Fitzgeral, together with Carol Channing they offered a show that pays homage Louis Armstronghe , the dead in the previous year.

Exactly 40 years later, this happened show part-time with a higher rating played by a woman. Madonna found allegory of slavery with a staging that served them as a framework for the interpretation of “Music” at the beginning and “Like a prayer” at the end. 114 million people watched.

Your record audience just lasted for three years there Katy Perrywith 12 minutes before the show, was view of the 118.5 million people.

On the third place of the most innovative artist of the view in part-time Beyoncéwith 110.8 million viewers witnesses a short were goodbye of Destiny’s Childthe trio turned to the interpreter.

Gloria Estefan is the only artist to have participated twice in this eventIn 1992 and 1999. For the first time the “Get on your feet” played, while in the second made it “Hears”.

The woman disputed at the most, obviously, Janet Jackson, the end of which meant a provocation: Justin Timberlake him, the part of the jacket that covered it, and on the right breast broke.

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Subsequently, the full list of the women who have participated in the show part-time

Ella FitzgeraldVI

Irma Thomas, XXIV

Gloria Estefan, XXVI

Tanya TuckerXXVIII

Patti Label, XXIX

Diana RossXXX

Queen Latifah, XXXII

Gloria Estefan, XXXIII

Christina Aguilera, XXXIV

Britney Spears, XXXV

Shania Twain, XXXVII

Jessica Simpson and Janet Jackson, XXXVIII

Madonna, XLVI

Beyoncé, XLVII 2013

Katy Perry, XLIX

Lady GagaLI