Elton John, Shakira… the case of the scenario, the most famous


Elton John has sorry, to interrupt your concert. “Sorry, Sorry”… said the singer needs to suspend her concert in Auckland, new Zealand, the remain without a voice.

He received a standing as the answer, because 60-year career not to tarnish, a neumnonía atypical.

It is the last of a long list of singers that are affected. Have expose, concerts, and sometimes up to tours entirely as it happened Shakira or Joaquin Sabina.

The Úbeda ceased to sing, and could not continue her concert in 2018. Also cheered Chayanne, as the 50,000 people without a concert in Argentina. Bono, the U2 front man has remained mute, while ‘Beautiful Day’. To err is human, and sometimes they are to people.

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