Jennifer Lawrence sold the apartment in New York for us $ 63 million


Jennifer Lawrence has finally managed the sale of one of his luxury apartments in the heart of New York city, to confirm, the in the New York Post. But, to be able to dispose of the property, they had to resign from the price of the house, and you have the inevitable losses.

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Lawrence bought the property for$ 14 million ($65 million) in the year 2016, and he put it on sale in the summer of last year to US$ 12.6 million (Us$ 63 million).

The huge property from the large Windows you have stunning views of New York city. It also has a terrace, on two floors, a lounge with a barbecue area and a fully equipped kitchen, a fitness room, a game room and a theater in the same building has a doorman and 24-hour-per-day service for the residents in the neighborhood.

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The actress has a new apartment in Tribeca, which he bought in the fall of 2017, and where it has not yet been installed, as it was rented out for a price close to$ 25, thousand on a monthly basis (R$ 125 million).

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The Wedding

Jennifer Lawrence is officially a married woman. The actress, 29 years old, had to rings to be exchanged with a dealer in the art, Cooke Maroney, 34, in October last year, in Rhode Island.

According to People magazine, wore a the bride is a creation of christian Dior, at the opening ceremony, which was held in a luxury Villa in Newport, Rhode Island, and was Olsen, was attended by 150 invited guests, including Adele, Amy Schumer, Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, and Ashley.

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Lawrence and, Maroney have been together since June 2018 at the earliest, and they got engaged in the month of February on the next one.

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