Jennifer Lopez stole the role of Selena Quintanilla on Biby Gaytan


Sure to know very well the name of Selena Quintanilla, and especially Jennifer Lopez, probablemte don’t know, but Jlo the played then loses life, had an opponent Biby Gaytan but could be of the paper.

The career of Jennifer Lopez catapulted himself after he starred in the biographical film of the interpreter “Forbidden Love”.

Selena Quintanilla was one of the greatest exponent of the tex-mex music, the during the 16 years, was active in the middle of everything ducks a musical phenomenon and worldwide.

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Then his assistant, and presindente fan club denied him a life with a firearm, the decision was taken to your biographical filmthe was so successful that to this day still known and still more, because the protagonist managed to ascend, as a great artist.

Although Lopez has been an excellent role in Selena, a strong competition was playing, because he had a young wife, who had features similar to Quintanilla, Biby Gaytan, unfortunately not, and gave him the main role as the wife of Eduardo Capetillo, because they had mastered the English language, is necessary.


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Although it was not possible, the leading role Gaytan triumphed, of another way in which employees are a wonderful family currently has, a husband, to love, and is the mother of five children.

On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez, and was devoted as one of the most important representatives of Latin-American music nickname “The diva of the bronx”in spite of that, she has married several times, living very happy, has two children, twins, and their music is heard around the world.

Although the two different routes, each of the Actresses and singers are currently happy with the life you have, the two are very happy.

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