Kristen Bell is the girlfriend of Jay-Z and Beyonce through the fault of her husband



Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are undeniably one of the couples most charismatic and popular Mecca of cinema, is shown by the fact that they have become, claims favorite brands such as Samsung, but seems to be not of the world we find so wonderful.

A few years ago, the two actors met each other table with the actual Jay-Z and Beyoncé in for the gala of the Met, participated and watched as the possibility of realizing their big dream, always the best friends of the couple, the most powerful of the music industry, turned in front of you as if by magic.”

If we learn it… you can’t even imagine, in truth, we were very excited. I was convinced, I went everything was great, and from this night we have your phone number and we will be in the innermost,” said Kristen in one of the episodes of the YouTube series ‘First We Feast’.

She and her husband received even alter the distribution of seats, so he just sits on the side of the self-a rapper and that was her big mistake, since the Dax managed, should be at least with your conversation with your talent to improvise rhymes.

“Dax will not let you quiet the whole night, and I think Jay was not interested at all, what I tried to tell,” she recognized that she will conquer, however, very proud of her husband because she had tried to, at least, ” Jay and Beyoncé. “I am glad that I have outside of the all-in. I think you should always try to have the conversation with the people you admire”.

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