Nasa is investigating a possible first offence was committed in the room


The National administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA)

The National administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA)Photo: Handout/Flickr

Nasa is currently investigating what could be the first crime that was committed in the room, according to the New York Times on Saturday.

The astronaut Anne McClain is accused of aggravated identity theft, and irregular access to the financial records to his ex-wife, and from the International Space Station (ISS), where the implementation of a mission for six months, according to the american journal.

The ex-wife of Anne’s co-chair, summer, Been, filed a complaint this year against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), an independent grant-making Agency, after he realized that the astronauts had accessed your account without your permission.

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The family has also Been a complaint prior to the examination-general of the Nasa, the newspaper has. The lawyer for McClain, his client had not committed any crimes and went to the bank records, while you were aboard the ISS to monitor the joint account of the couple, you just like during the relationship.

Researchers from the U.S. space agency is in contact with the two women, which, according to the New York Times best seller list. Been pointed out that the FTC had not responded to over-the-theft-of-identity, a researcher specializing in the inspection-general of the Nasa study in the indictment, said the official.

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