Selena Gomez sees his relationship with the fans “really serious”

Selena Gomez

The singer had to go back a step, with your fans on the net, and to not read, or interact with them.

Selena Gomez thinks that her relationship with her fans can be “really heavy”.

The singer, 27, is one of the pop stars most of the world’s sold, would love to feel a more direct communication with their fans, but Selena, this can be overwhelming, and therefore recently decided to take a step back.

You said Apple Music: “I Would like to contact to my fans. You know, earlier, it was extremely personal, one-on-one, but I discovered that lately has become … really hard”.

“I think people expect more from me and want it more. But the truth is that I said me and care my mind with the things I read and I hear,” he, and this is the reason, a little absent-minded, their social networks in the last few months.