Shakira in the Super Bowl | The “zaghrouta” or “you Are black”, the peculiar movement of language, the Colombian


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Shakira was part of the expected mid-term-final american football in the NFL.

Shakira took the attention of half the world in the night of the Super Bowl.

Their songs and dances on the stage, together with Jennifer Lopez, was one of the topics commented on in the internet on Sunday, during the show the finale of the american football of the NFL in Miami. And even after the.

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But to a certain time, a sensation: the quick movement of the tongue the Colombian singer to interpret Hips don ‘ t lie.

The gesture was the occasion for several comments, from those who took the with a lot of humor, to those who found it extremely weird.

Others commented that this gesture it was not an occurrence for the moment, but a tribute.

And since this Monday, the singer went on without the public, there were two possible explanations.

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One is to do it with the form zaghrouta, a movement the oral cavity Arabic, to Express joy Shakira could do so, as a tribute to his lineage Express. There his father, William Mebarak Chadid is.

The other explanation is that it is a movement, the gestures you make, in the carnival of Barranquilla, where he was born, the Colombian and refers to the old story “You are black”.

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were the protagonists of the show, the half-time break of the Super Bowl LVI in Miami, Florida.

What try these two expressions, so strange?

The zaghrouta or whimper Arabic

It is not true that what Shakira made the stage at the Hard Rock stage is something new.

Just in Miami, but in the year 2009, at a concert of his tour “Oral fixation”, played by the rapper Wyclef Jean with the theme Hips don ‘ t lie and he did this strange movement of the tongue.

In that presentation, it was accompanied by dancers with different cabins, but if the gesture, Shakira dancing with interpreters, belly dance, and Arabic.

Many interpreted this as their zaghrouta.

This form of call -a scream – is an expression of joy that is usually at parties Arabespecially at weddings, audible and vocal sharp, vibrant, and renewed with the movements of the tongue.

The women who do usually are the particular sound.

“In Barranquilla they dance like this”

On the other hand, in their interpretation Hips don ‘ t lie in the Super Bowl, Shakira, was accompanied by dancers with costumes of the Arabs.

And immediately after the movement of the tongue, it just sounds of drums, is in connection with the sounds of the the rhythm of Afro-Colombiano mapaléfor the region of Barranquilla.

In fact, Shakira performed a tribute to the music of Colombia during his presentation of the Super Bowl, with sounds and movements, champeta, salsa, and mapalé, for each of the barranquilleros go to the carnival.

Many Colombians have claimed that the movement of the language is in the dance “Are black”from the village of Santa Lucía, which comes from a ritual of the African slaves from America.

It also makes a whimper, it sounds very similar to the zaghrouta Arabic.

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Shakira was presented with a red suit you had your dancers.

For your presentation in Miami this year, Shakira was dancing accompanied by a barranquillera with the champeta and presented hours before you on your Twitter account.

“I am very happy to show the parts of the stage with him a Barranquillera and of the world, this rhythm, of the said our country around the world,” the singer with the common use of the videos.

And as Shakira says to Wyclef Jean Hips don ‘ t lie“In Barranquilla they dance like this”.

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