So Meghan Markle responded prior to the tribute from Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Brit Awards in 2019


It was last February, during the gala of the Brit Awards 2019one of the most important musical level in the UK, as a surprise for the present, Meghan Markle have all to buy lightning and you are the star of the night. A video of thanks from Beyoncé and Jay-Z after winning the award Best International Group the debt was. In him, the partner of singer, he was grateful for the award and apologized for your absence, while you are watching, such as the portrait of the Mona Lisa, this time embossed with the image of the Duchess of Sussex. A historical scene, which quickly made viral, was not to be less.

The own Beyoncé he explained this choice in their profile of Instagram. “To honor Month the history of Blackwe pay our respects to our Mona Lisa of color. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We wish you the best,” were the words of the artist. However, and although it is a topic that knew repeated during the long days, no-one, the reaction of Markle in front of this great tribute. Until today.

The special program CBS called Meghan and Harry Plus Onewhere one of the closest friends of royalthe make-up artist Daniel Martin, has declared, what was the answer of the Duchess of Sussex, in front of this great tribute.

Even Martin told Gayle King he was the one who sent him, the image of the Louvre, Markle, and she needed only a emoji answer: the eye large it was his choice. What more does it need? Sometimes say nothing, or do I need to think royal prior to this award so special.

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