Taylor Swift speaks out-finally, without mercy, by Kanye West and tells the whole truth


The singer claimed that Drake became a victim of the same strategy, a betrayal of the spouse of Kim Kardashian

Taylor Swift speaks out-finally, without mercy, by Kanye West and tells the whole truth

Taylor Swift.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

Already for a decade, since Kanye West he under the of broke speech of thanks Taylor Swift at the gala of the MTV VMA, to ensure that Beyoncé ago should have won the award had given him, and the boy, three years old, the singer explained that the rapper had cheated in order to give the consent to their single ‘Famous’ without her, that she planned to call “zo**” to ensure, moreover, that had made them famous.

These two events are the basis of a more conflicts in the media, the record industry, it was to the point conclusion with the career of the Swift-Kim Kardashian-the woman of the controversial artist is accused of a poison-snake, and released a video of the phone call that Kanye had to explain with the pop star, in theory, what I didn’t hear it with the song of discord, in which we said all of that, as you mention, in any moment, the word doubt taste that you used later to refer to it.

Now the singer wanted to take advantage of their new interview with Rolling Stone reveal that it is a part of the story no one knows and explain “the context and the events” they led to beat him publicly against Kanye. Taylor recognizes that, during years of trying to get its recognition and respect, in spite of the humiliation done to him had, in the year 2009, and, therefore, took enthusiastically to her suggestion, when he called to them, six years later, to him to ask him to submit to a prize award from MTV, and from it, the him with the trophy to get during the party. To took advantage of his surprise, Kanye this opportunity to be able to say, in jocular tone, which had turned in the TV series only and increase audience without realizing, had no time, he had personally invited.

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“I was the public arm around the shoulder of his wife, and I felt a shiver moved through the body. In that moment, I realized that they (Kanye) had two faces: behind the scenes could be as kind to me, but in front of the public, they wanted to feel and say all kinds of mi**about me. I was angry, I refused to go with me to her box, to talk with him and, therefore, the next day he sent me a huge bouquet of flowers to apologize,” recalls the artist.

Although those output of sound, they have no mercy, at the time, Taylor still breaking resistance, and their warm, therefore, you, him, not too much importance to decide what happened. Shortly after Kanye West again in contact with her -always according to his statement- with the excuse of, say, the idea had to call in ‘Famous’, and their own interpreter, supported, excited in front of this gesture, the the to interpret, as evidence that he cared really for their feelings, without really knowing what it disengaged was.

Listen to all the song it was clear to me: ‘It’s over, if you want we bad, llevémonos bad, but at least I know about it’“ says Taylor, who does not hesitate to compare, in the situation she experienced, as Kanye revealed of her alleged boyfriend Drake, you tell your opponent Pusha-T, that the canadian rapper had a son, secretso that they share this information with the rest of the world in one of his songs.

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“Did you, literally, to Drake the same. This changed greatly in the course of the life of Drake and his family. He did the same again. First, it is about you, gaining your trust, and POPs all through the air. I don’t want to talk about this, because my blood boils and I want my day to let my** * * the theme have to be so negative, but it was repeated exactly the same story. You only have to listen to what he said to Drake, to check it,” she says.