The divismo of Beyoncé comes from the rhythmic gymnastics | Today


About a year ago, the University of California impact of lines around the world, through similar circumstances, which was returned to the UCLA, of the holders of LOS40. Then a gymnast surprised the whole world with an exercise in which they moved in the rhythm of the big hits of the pop. Now your companion, the rhythmic gymnastics, the divismo has Beyoncé.

The new star of the University of Nia Dennis and your note after the training was almost perfect 9.975. For a couple of laypersons such as we in this discipline, the practice is bright, but what strikes us the most, are seems your poses on the rhythm Queen Bey.

There is no doubt that your routine is in the bottom level with millimeter accuracy, the case is perfect with songs like Crazy in love or Loose my breath but, of course, the young turner surpasses all expectations, feel every note of the song, as if you are outside of one’s own Beyoncé on the stage.

Their poses, to their dominance on the stage, the precision of the movements and the details of the coronation, as the Queen at the end of the show the exercise of Nia Dennis to comment on a virus type in the world-and through the medium of the internet.

“A performance that Beyonce might be proud of. Nia Dennis he left us without breath, with her 9.975 in your exercise in the ground-in last week in Pauley. As someone else Crazy in love ” with your routine?”, you wrote your gym. The thousands of answers have been waiting for.

Of the anonymous people wanted to have celebrities from all over the world, congratulations on your exceptional sense of rhythm. From Alicia Keys (“Oh, the power and the confidence to be unstoppable! Only I say, that nothing empowers you, than you! You Shine, Nia Dennis, you’ve inspired me!”) on Gabrielle Union

What Beyoncé? Since the diva has not yet decided, as the way leads from your social networks with the time. But we are sure that this performance has reached up to your eyes and ears. Finally, between divas of the game goes to…

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