The exotic remedies of Katy Perry, not age


Are several Hollywood stars that used various methods to stay radiant and young people through more time and show off spectacular and Katy Perry n, or it is the exception.

However, while many are choosing treatments such as botox injections, fillers, collagen, or plastic surgery, the singer has a method to stay young and healthy.

In a radio interview in Australia, the interpreter Teenage Dream showed how she keeps her youth and the face perfectly under 34 years of age, and the key is a technical thousands of years India’s call ‘Panca Karma‘.

This practice consists of a diet ayúrveda contains food purification and little processed, as well as the constant implementation of enemas for a thorough cleaning of the colon-hydro therapy, and a delay to delete the effects of aging everything that damage on my computer to the body.

“I’m looking for this kind of things, health and places of healing and personal,” explained the singer. “Especially when you grow older and also longer, you realize that the cells die in your body. I’ve been practicing Panca Karmait’s basically feeding and cleaning of ayurveda, with many enemas”, – said during the interview.

The cure Katy Perry for to not aging, so thrilled that you also have your future husband Orlando Bloom has started to use.

What happened with Katy Perry in the face?

This practice leads Katy Perry for 21 days, and helps you clean, you rid your body of any poison and to feel in the family, the power, the “most beautiful and with more energy.”

The experts in the Panca Karma ensure that the body returns to its energy and, moreover, succeeds in mental calm and clarity in the same and a lot of satisfaction, at the same time, in which the whole organism is cleaned and heals itself.

It is an ancient practice, can be used as elixir of eternal youth, but before you make the decision, it you need to with a expert, as a rule, an activity, and the delicate, cautious, and, Yes, it is really unpleasant.