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Augusto, rio grande do norte state, to the right-back, Santa Cruz

Augusto, rio grande do norte state, to the right-back, Santa CruzPhoto by: hico, wrought/Futura Press/Folhapress

First, the dug up the treasure, with success, in Lakeland. In the game is white, the Black was only on a draw in 0 x 0 with the idea of the city of Várzea Grande, on Wednesday, at the Arena Pantanal in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil. The result is a stamp in the passport of the Coral Snake for the second time, however. By the repetition of the setlist from the previous year, the set valuation, specifically in the state of Mato Grosso, this time with no goals recorded. Even so, the Rest of the season Academy, they come to Rue with 650 billion dollars in guaranteed the reward, which will be used in addition to the ease of the box, it is, in order to inject good cheer into the cast party.

Even with the advantage of a tie-in to the second phase of the competition start, the Holy cross, began with the departure in order to beat the game. As a result, the tri-color most of the ball possession. In the first step, it is, however, never to wear. Without able to play deep in the middle, even with the influx of Didira as the holder of the option, once it is adopted, to get out of a coral-snake, which had tried them in the field to attack from the sides, and with Augusto, rio grande do norte state, to the point, and Fabiano in the sidebar on the left side. Try, a large part of the opponent with several repetitions in the style of the game, with little creativity and no speed.

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The duration of the two teams is not so great, the only dangerous game in the first half came with 9 minutes, as midfielder Jean-Guillaume took the plunge on a half-bike, but the ball went over the line-of-Well Review.

The difficulties remain, but the teams back to a more-connected-to-the-second-time. Need a win to sort in the location, you had the dishes to the limit, the speed of his steps. With Vandinho on the job Gil miner, of the club of mato grosso do sul was a much greater threat to the industry’s defense of her. The color of the Rue answered, at the age of 17 years, with Fabiano out of the area. But it was only in the last minutes of the game and won in a drama. At 37, Mayco-He’s the nets of the goalkeeper Igor Rayan estufou, but the goal was disallowed by the referee, the discharged pressure of the attacker is to coral the defense of a Person. The team is coached by Luiz Gabardo 40 ‘ s has responded, but was not able to change the score of the game.

Technical Data Sheet

Workers In The City Várzea Grande 0

Igor Rayan; the First, Marcão, Marlon, and Also The; Caio Matias, Nathan (I), Brock, John, William, Jim Miner (Vandinho), and pillar (Also Philip). Coach: Luiz Gabardo Junior

Holy Cross-0

You think Make; Jr, Danny Morais, William, Alves, Fabiano; Bileu (John Gill), Paulinho (hall, Henrique), Didira; Augusto, rio grande do norte (Jeremiah), Mayco and Felix, and Pipico. Technical: Recorded Balance

Venue: Arena Pantanal (Cuiabá/MT)
Referee: Ivan da Silva Guimarães Junior, (AM)
Assistant: Marcos Santos Vieira, and frank Kesy, Gomes de Sá ” (AM)
Yellow cards: Caio Mathias (CEOV), Paulinho (ST), Augusto, rio grande do norte (STA), William Alves (ST)
Attendance: 832 Persons
Income: 16.100

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