Trailer to Fortnite is a Bunker from the inside? Matched characters and Donald mustard, pointing to the Bunker


Oh, come on in Fortnite. All very strong, and the Epic relates to the rear part of the Threads that it’s hard to catch them all.

Today there were two trailers, the second of which is much more important. It turns out that he, most likely, the Bunker from the inside.

For the visible mask on the Video dopasowywano different Skins, while, finally, many of you have. Actually, it is the face.

There are many theories as to what this figure is. From this, perhaps the most appropriate, this figure is screen download.

It is difficult, however, to confirm this, and everything remains only a theory. In the game there are several Skins that fit in theory, such as, for example, this:

Instead of playing the important role in the plot. The players tried, not necessarily the face of a newcomer, but on the average it turned out.

Position Of Donald Mustarda

The older players are aware of the fact that Donald mustard of your sites, often the players with various tips. So probably this time too.

Everything is a whole, namely, that provision will be Key. Meanwhile, the German number shows us the next set of coordinates, on the the largest area that will require attention. By calling a certain number (we will not give in to you tried to call there, you lot) otrzyjemy numbers message:

Follow-Agent (or Ghost) – D3, G4, F2

There are other tips, such as, for example, cats, puppy, or the Hand in the Code of the official Website, but it seems that it was of great importance.

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