Tricks to know, hairstyle media queue trend is to look among celebrities such as Beyoncé, the Kardashian or JLo | Shows Awakens America


this emocón.



we speak of this hairstyle

that it is so in fashion. we have

seen that many women in


many celebrities such as

jennifer ópez, beyoné. ow

we adjust, when we 30

years and do not want to fall to what


rafa: well, what happens

this hairstyle is a hairstyle that

refreshed and a lot helps a lot

women. traés of qé is

so important is this? not all

types of cáneo, structures

head, are nice. there are

women have the head

crushed. these women, if you

gather your hair and have

the head crushing profile

does not look at all glamorous. you

the has perfect. has

head perfectly. in the case of

you, the wider

here. the hairstyle, the there are

this fixed that

you rise to leave.

then elevacón give.

you see, with this

hairstyle. this is a hairstyle that

you look very cute, but

this hairstyles for women

we esán in the house

you must know that it will bring

with a trick. the trick to this

when you are finished, pass

the brake caliper, grab the

strands to the front. a

angle to the front.

andrea: ai, what we see

in the room.

rafa: that’s right. s view ie

is lifting. ai, what van responsive

for you enángulo with the

queue is up.

andrea: when we come back

also, we can show that the

adaptacón hair

you’ve from where the terminal

punta ear for you

rafa: that’s right. for

to see the face is stylized. the

hairstyle needs to go

at the top, not to atás.

ai is where you see that

all in armoía

look like the kardashian.

she also envied not to

nothing not a celebrity like


rafa: qé with 40 years?

many women have in the

in your case

perfectly, look at the forehead

it is a small forehead.

the upper part of his forehead low.

here we have a few are crooked.

with my colleagues

accompany me on the saón.

andrea: in the wardrobe of the

we saw work.

rafa: what is made crooked

what everyone is doing.

andrea: we will see, the ídeo.

rafa: we have just the

twisted. for qé us benefits

the twisted? the volume in

this zone, if you this part

the head and the

these look perfectly fine



the volume we have ehr soft.

ai is where you go to see

you can reach the volume

the celebrities have.

andrea: and in a natural way


we have a different.

rafa: we have a different beauty

50 years of age, wants to look like

jennifer ópez.

she has good soft

hair at the top. we will see


we are all part of

above. then deé this

piece of here to finish it.

is a little high.


let you are included.

this will make you look good and

in the house can be.

this part first, we picked up

the two sides. this part of the

we are at the top. qé goes

this site is good

tight? there is, to solve the.

andrea: ai, what we see.

very áciles create

volume. this is important, if

we want an adaptation of the half-cock.

we must have the courage. quén