What to expect now, in Fortnite?


Lately, the main attraction of Fortnite, the daily gifts, the problems, the recovery of weapons and game modes were. What can we expect next?

In Fortnite lately, very little happens. The holidays were a time of Festivals in the Winter, the actually the only new feature. In addition, there were also snow storms and it is, in principle, enough.

How will go this week? Probably Epic Games starts shots, of Updates.

What more in Fortnite?

After the holidays, probably a simple Update planned, that is, we get Skins, Parasailing, backpacks, chop, and all other elements of beauty. In addition, we expect the development of the plot, that is to say, the topic of snow storms.

According to the theory of the players, now the major snow storms begin,although in the files, nothing on this topic. Currently, we are lost in the fog, because it’s really not any leaks that could come true.

The new season in February, so that on him wait. Together with him the question the full-year subscription can explain, finally.

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