Willie Gomez, one of the dancers of Jennifer Lopez, unravel the secrets of the Super Bowl | people


Jennifer Lopez and Shakira made history in the last edition of the Super Bowl, the final of the league of american football, played last February. The show of the between the party saw more than 102 million inhabitants, and it was a demonstration of power, the culture and society in Latin America in the United States. This historical episode part Willie Gomez, one of the dancers on the performance of the singer from puerto rico. “I’ve seen the video, a lot of time. Is a highlight [hito, in English] of my career,” recognized, while she laughs and remembers those moments. “If Shakira on stage [it was the first of the two in the sing] and we were on the side, it was a feeling that can not be explained, adrenaline, and know that you’re going to act in a store, with Jennifer Lopez”.

Gomez, singer, Dominican, 34 years old, is in Germany this week to promote his theme Wet. In spite of the beautiful weather in these days in the Spanish capital, has nothing to do with the climate of Los Angeles or Miami, two cities between which she moves in the nick of time, and prefer to speak with THE COUNTRY, sitting on the terrace of the hotel Vincci Capitol, the sun to my face and warm, with a jacket and a black leather.

More or less a sermon, began to abandon themselves to dancing shoes and to sing, another of his great passions. In the last two years, the number of shares to concentrate in the shows declined, on the composition of songs with Latin rhythms. But that didn’t stop count on Jennifer Lopez with him to the Super Bowl. “If all the dancers had, Jennifer, you said to your Board of Directors: ‘Are you sure that we name all of the dancers are latinos, we know? Because I want more people on the stage,” explains Gomez you were looking for a second time, to convince you. The artist agreed, though he Know between long hours of studies, with the recording of his first album: “as a latino, would to be there and support this movement, this moment is so great for us, it was something amazing that is still not what I believe”.

A month and a half, nine hours of work per day and only one day of rest per week. The tests for all parties on the performance of Jennifer Lopez. But for the singer, because it was a more as a team during working hours. “In General, not an artist, see, you spend so much time in the tests. But it was their best show, therefore, the process was so intense. I think people could see who has given everything,” says Gomez, that was the first time they worked with the artist, which is so demanding. Lopez, you looked at the number, the choreography and change the dance steps, tried new things, took and brought ideas for everything is, wanted to offer in the concept of the show. “It was, as a dancer, but I was able to learn a lot and see someone like Jennifer Lopez was through the whole creative process,” says Gomez.

In the studies, he also worked Emme Muñiz, daughter of the artist and Marc Anthony: “Every time we the show Emme was there to sing talented his part, super Linda, in this age, and with that voice. So, imagine, if the is large, and with such parents”. The small, 12 years old, joined a few seconds in the Super Bowl to sing some of the verses Let ‘ s get loud, and Born in the U. S. Aa theme from your mother and one from Bruce Springsteen, is considered an anthem of the American couple and a protest song, the other.

In contrast to Lopez and his daughter, born in the United States, Gomez is from the Dominican Republic, but lives for the past eleven years in the country Anglo-Saxon. To find wandered your family, a better future, and currently, the artist is grateful for all the opportunities you gave us, your new home. Per year to be installed, her father suffered a stroke, which affected him very much. Times were hard for the family, but the music was what helped Gomez distracts you from problems. Sang and imitated the dance steps, I also in video clips, in a time in which your references were to artists like Janet and Michael Jackson, the members of NSYNC or Britney Spears.

The 22-year-old and re-installed in Los Angeles presented during a casting for a music video The pop Princess. It succeeded, and since then has shared great moments with her in the scenarios. Your idol, your boss, and later her friend. Now, where he is and focuses more on her new album, keep in touch, and stay for dinner from time to time: “Is someone who supports me in what I do with my music, so that means a lot to me”. Loves Spears your song Wet and have spoken together, but have nothing in hand.

In the comprehensive curriculum, Gomez stand out from other artists such as Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Kesha, David Bisbal and Chayanne. The latter emphasizes their humility and professionalism: “When I started to work with him has impressed me a lot, what is involved in the process and the beautiful person that takes care of all that we are. These are things, which means if an artist shows you, very much for the whole group, they work for you”.

Now Gomez is trying to be by the name of “the dancers of the famous”, the star. Although he admits that you don’t mind. He follows his own: he composed mainly songs of love and “some temitas over,” and it is learning to play the guitar. “I want to be one of the great entertainment. I know that it’s super hard for it to work, but I am willing to give 150% of me.”