It turns and sees it! Jennifer Lopez with a thread and nothing more!

Jennifer Lopez | EFE

22. January 2020
(14:30 CET)

It’s not a few, every time Jennifer Lopez rises to new content in their social networks, they come in droves, to see how amazed, when your favorite singer are. It is true that, taking into account the Bronx in General, the publications put on a very sexy and offers a big guy, the usual is that each of them generate ends many likes and many comments.

Among other things, because, as you know, the own Jenniferyour curves and your figure, lift the passions. Especially between their most faithful fans, even though they know that JLo has complied with, is already 50 years old, are always talking about how one of the women, the non-sensuous moment.

It is true that, as we have seen, in many cases, in your account of Instagram that works much in the gym that it is so. Routines make these outfits show can feel so good.

The photo of Jennifer Lopez

But, of course, nothing comparable to what her fans saw in his last film, Crooks. And that is you López gave life to a veteran stripper. The physical preparation of Jennifer for the role was excellent.

His most faithful, what you know and do not hesitate to exchange with other fans of the New York none of the screenshots from the movie in the American singer sees “impressive”.

This is one of them, a time in which we can see the artist come up with an outfit that leaves very, very little imagination and generated comments “This woman is not a goddess”, “Brutal”, “Crazy”, “If I understand how it is possible that with 50 years you are going so sexy and beautiful,” or “something the Queen of the Queens”.

An image that is not already part of the best photos of Jennifer Lopez. Your follower will know, therefore no concerns in part through the social networks.