Kylie Jenner is not apparent, with a costume in the style of Billie Eilish


Kylie Jenner always proud of their best looks on Instagram, most of the dresses and sets are very exclusive, and sensual, and emphasized her curves.

Recently, a black mini used velvet dress, he’s totally her flat belly and her slim silhouette.

The look of Kylie Jenner in the best style of Billie Eilish

But now the billonaria is 22-year-old surprised everyone with one of her latest outfits, which seems to be nothing the rest of what you store in your wardrobe.

The businesswoman wore a suit, the width of the brand Balenciaga, with a strip of horizontally-tones, light and dark gray.

Billie Eilish, this kind of popularized of costumes, with them in different events and presentations to help your body protect, the criticism and bullying.

Kylie completed her outfit with a hat in the Prada of 340 us dollars, a black bag Bottega Veneta of 2,450 us dollars and a pair of tennis lead-grey.

For day-to-day home, Kylie Jenner prefer clothing to be very comfortable, and you don’t have your tight outfits characteristic. Recently, he shared a video in his stories from his homeland, with a maxi-shirt by Balenciaga, for $ 850, and a pair of tennis-N2. @Nike x @VirgilAbloh Nike Air Force 1 AF100 Off White ($1,600)

And on your last trip to the Bahamas with her daughter Stormi, her sister Kendall and her best friend Stassi, was quite comfortable in his private plane, with the use of a pants made of cotton in grey, combined with a leather jacket from Balenciaga in the value of 3 billion us dollars.

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