Kylie Jenner loves the shoes from the brand Jennifer Lopez and so on Instagram


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Kylie Jenner not only has the ability to do great empires of business-stands out as one of the prominent and offers an authentic style.

The celebrities is crowned as the Queen-both in the world of beauty as in fashion, because with each piece of clothing or accessory trend is used.


Your looks, monochrome clothing with prints, your designer bags and accessories are a source of inspiration to thousands of fashionistas and, once more, again showing that you are an expert in fashion.


The younger sister of the Kardashian so who is a fan of the shoes but not any shoes, it showed their new acquisition with style: the high heels of Jennifer Lopez.


In February, JLo has done an Alliance with the signature of Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), take their own line of shoes.

JLO JENNIFER LOPEZ is the name of the collection include tennis, table tennis, boots, sandals, high heels and stilettos.


The launch was a great success, so that Kylie did not want to be left without a pair high heels with the essence of the famous Latin.

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Jenner told through the stories on your Instagram, luxurious high heels animal print with foil.

“Fire,” wrote the entrepreneur in the picture of his new sandals were of ‘the diva from the Bronx’.


He also published a video, where you will appreciate the details of the high heels, like your style nickname. Ideal to create a visual effect of the extension in the legs.

Without a doubt, this Shoe reflects not only the essence of JLo, a perfect example for the style of Kylie, because it has been shown that the prints are your favorites at the time of the clothes, especially the animal print.


Kylie is proof that no man can resist a pair of shoes, because they are the objects of desire par excellence of fashion.

What they found, the sandals of these? How would you?

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