Like a Ghost, But he conquered his body, and the abdominal slap in the face; on a diet, the 80% of the effort – Who is the


Rodrigo Sangion (Photo: Handout)

All women concerned with their appearance, you have a perfect body. And no, there is no harm in this. Since the methods do not account for the process, it is to take care of the sound and the look. In a sign, it is the feeling of self-worth, something that is essential, in order to be happy. Now what exactly is a perfect body? The question is very subjective, but in this column’s debut, I’m going. the target for a certain type: the body of the top models in Brazil Lean in, because it is not set in the good health, and you wear the muscles, you want to look.

We take as an example the exuberant Form of Izabel Goulart, Brazilian top model, keeps the curl in a study in a bikini or lingerie. Is it possible to have a body of this nature.

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

It depends on you. Elizabeth loves to work and there are a lot of points. After all, it puts you in physical activity as something that is in the centre of the schedule is almost always full, that is, find a way to time, all of your muscles – no matter where in the world you are.

The genetics of the privileged, of course, says a lot! This causes the fat will never be more a prominent place in the composition of the body of it. If you have a dream of a body like our top-model, goal and go for it. But one should not forget that each and every one of us has a unique body once in a lifetime. Therefore, to comply with the limits for not having the frustration, it is necessary.

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

There is not a single recipe
In order to achieve good results, you have to sweat for the Jersey, and it reaches its maximum. The lesson is, number one, primary, here, you can also place physical activity with a diet combine, a pretty good selection of what is on the table.

No Wonder
No point in the development of made you crazy, if you don’t follow this mantra: diet is up to 80% of the results.

By understanding your body
The principle is very simple: you have to the right foods for your bodyto gain muscle mass, this means an increase in body fat. If you don’t have genetic insider.

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

The myths of science
In terms of your Training, do not pull the iron in a weight room, so don’t be afraid to be happy. No, you are not going to turn around in a tank of a body. The more you train hard, and no woman will. in grace, into a mountain of muscle, just by Training It is not enough testosterone in your body, which makes it.

Testosterone is a hormone that is the rule of man, it is associated with, among other processes, in the building of muscle mass. It is for this reason that men pull back in front of you in terms of your muscles. And don’t be afraid of the muscle, the more you earn, the more your metabolism (the process of conversion of food into energy), it is quick paced. What does this mean? Well, you will lose weight, even at rest! The maintenance of the muscles also requires the expenditure of energy.

Izabel Goulart (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Starting off with full force!
So, are you ready to be the next to Izabel Goulart in his gym? Below is an example of a workout that you can do is, in a room with weights to improve your vision. The availability of the equipment in your gym and you will see the correct execution of the exercises in the gif below:



1. Chair-leg-Extension-machine warm-up 2×20

Chair-leg-Extension-machine warm-up 2×20 (photo )

2. Leg press (4×12)

Leg press(4×12) (photo )

3. Squats, sumo – 3×15

squats, sumo 3×15 (photo )

4. Progress on the bench (each leg) – 4×12

Progress on the Wht 4×12 (photo )

The 5-course-extension – 4×15

Chair-leg-extension machine 4×15 (photo )

6. Adduction – 4×12

Lat pulldown-4×12 (photo )

7. Calves on the leg press – 3×12

Calves on the leg press 3×12 (photo )

8.The belly in the Board Its – 3×15

Belly-board, his 3×15 (photo )



1.The table flexora – 4×12

The table flexora 4×12 (photo )

2.Stiff w/ chin – up – 3×12

Stiff w/ Bar 3×12 (photo )

3.The height of the pelvis w/ barbell on floor 3×15

High basin w/ barbell on the floor 3×15 (photo )

4.Specifically in the cable (switch on the calf 3×15

Specifically in the cable-3×15 (photo )

5.Abduction wedge – 4×10

Abduction wedge 4×10 (photo )

6.The belly Below the Parallel – 3×15

the belly below the parallel-3×15 (photo )


The Upper Body

1.The bending of the arm – 3×10

The bending of the arm, 3×10 (photo )

2.Line Shut – 3×10

Stroke, closed-3×10 (photo )

3.Development w/ dumbbells – 3×10

Development w/ dumbbells 3×10 (photo )

4.Screw-on, Simultaneous – 3×10

The thread is the simultaneous 3×10 (photo )

5.Triceps: – cable – 3×15

Triceps: – cable 3×15 (photo )

6.The abdominal Oblique on the floor 3×15

Abdominal positioning in the ground, 3×15 (photo )

Rodrigo Sangion (Photo: Handout)

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