Meghan Markle “Yes,” replied the tribute from Beyoncé and Jay-Z


Beyonce Jay-Z

In February Beyoncé and Jay-Z it won the BRIT award on Best International Group and as a thank you, the couple a video of acceptance to admire where they are displayed, a painting of Meghan Markle. In this moment we did not know what he thought, the royal, Yes, Yes, answered the tribute you made.

It is not known, that’s Meghan Markle fanatically, you can read the messages that you post to the media about you, but in accordance with your right hand, and a makeup artist, Daniel MartinYes heard, I was involved in the video acceptance from Queen B and her husband.

You don’t know what we mean by that? The couple released scenes, the most iconic music video “going apeshit”, and replaced the image of the Mona Lisa, by a figure, Meghan Markle created Tim O’brien.


Without a doubt, it was a compliment from Beyonce and Jay-Z, it was the Duchess of Sussex, and we finally know what he thought about you. Makeup artist Meghan Markle, revealed in an interview with Gayle King, what was the royal.

In his interview for CBS, Meghan and Harry Plus Onewill be broadcast on may 17, Daniel Martin showed some data about curious about the princes, among them, the answer by Meghan the tribute to the Carter’s.

“I’ve got Meghan to take a screenshot, in which the Carters will be in front of his box, and the fact you replied with the emoji big eyes“(Yes, this surprise).

So, if you thought that the Duchess had not heard from Cambridge yet again, appeared in the video of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you’re very wrong, Yes knew, and he also felt flattered. We don’t know yet whether to thank is personal to the partners, but the possibility of Yes.

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