Scarlett Johansson is to interpret man-trans is in the movie


Scarlett Johansson, in the year 2018
Photo of Scarlett Johansson via Shutterstock

It seems that in this time, the actress is Scarlett Johansson he heard the voice of the people.

About a year after he heavily criticized because of the movie The guard in the future; Ghost In The Shellwhere she played a woman from the Asian sources, he straightened up and announce a new partnership with the Director of the Rupert Sanders.

In the new movie It Is A RUB And TugJohansson would play The Dante Tex Gill, male sex, whose real story will be shown on the big screen.

After the announcement was made, the criticism of several of the actors came from all sides, and Actresses, transgender people, and they said that the person playing the supposedly the role, and things got worse when Scarlett decided to give them an answer, you have crossed to the question.

As well, it changed the picture now, because in a statement on the Website it has confirmed that it will no longer appear in the film:

I have a deep admiration and love for the transgender community and I am grateful for the fact that the discussion on the inclusion of a Hollywood resume. I would love the opportunity to bring the story of Dante’s inferno, and to make your transition to your life, but I can understand why so many people misunderstand what it is to be interpreted by the gender of the people, and I am grateful for the fact that the debate about the choice of voices, although controversial, has begun a broader discussion about diversity and representation in the film industry.

As a result of the recent ethical issues around the choice for me, known to me: Dante Tex Gill, I decided to leave the project, in a respectful manner. Our cultural understanding of trans-to develop people, and I learned a lot from the community and from this I made my first public statement on the subject, and I realized that she was cold-hearted.

The Dante Tex Gill

Born in Jean-Marie Gillthe Central character of the film has gone through a transition process, and became known as “Dante “Tex” Gil”, the the operated a prostitution in massage parlours in the ’70s and’ 80s, in the region of jerusalem.

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There is also no information about the next stages of the film, and who would be able to replace Scarlett Johansson.