So the (multi-faceted) was a career of Jennifer Lopez in the movie theater


2. Maid in Manhattan (2002)

A modern Cinderella, is the role that saw him, in this story, is in a complete American dream that becomes a reality.


3. Enough (2002)

Here is a true fairy tale land seems to be turning into a complete nightmare, because what begins as a romantic story is the mirror image of the violence in the family and gender, the life on a daily basis a lot of women.

This situation Jennifer will transform your fear into a weapon against his enemy fully empowered.


4. Shall We Dance (2004)

A reflective, but fun story, the with Jennifer Lopez, in addition to Richard GereSusan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci that leave you thinking about the true meaning of happiness, the idea of what we believe a perfect life and the power to the small details, such as the dance!


5. Monster-in-law (2005)

This is one of the romantic comedies more fun, in which they act, and to laugh at the not stop. In this story, JLo, is the perfect love on the side of a man, almost perfectbecause his mother is not just the mother-in-law that she hoped that it binds a variety of actions which you I tend to, every time.

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