Taylor Swift performs on the festival Glastonbury in 2020


The festival of Glastonbury this year will continue as planned, despite concerns about the coronavirus reached the levels of the pandemic.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift VEVO

The coorganizadora festival Emily Eavis confirmed the orientation of the festival enJunio.

To connect Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, Paul McCartney and the Pet Shop Boys Taylor Swift.

In the press release Emily wrote: “Then, after a lot of consideration in view of the current circumstances and with the best of intentions, here is the first list of music acts for Glastonbury in 2020..

As things stand, we are still working hard to get our offer to the 50-year anniversary in June.

No one has a crystal ball to precisely see where we are within a 15 weeks, but we keep our fingers crossed that you here in Worthy Farm, the best show in the world!”


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