Taylor Swift recorded a collaboration with Katy Perry and Selena Gomez – ContraRéplica


It seems that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are still saved, an ACE in the sleeve, with the end to surprise his fans after stage, his reconciliation in the video clip to ‘You Need To Calm Down’ for the first time, wore you of fries and a burger and

As assured the fans of Taylor participated in the secret meeting that you organized last Friday at his home in London for a small group of lucky ones who could hear, the exclusive new album ‘Lovers’, before the sale, the singer has recruited Katy and her close friend Selena Gomez for the inclusion of a subject on the empowerment of women.

Although Taylor provided a little history about the meaning behind each single from the album, to were, up to the time all of the present-was retained by the secret behind be informed of the date and place of the event in mid-July – have kept silent on this, so it will have to wait until the collaboration in question, to see the light, to find out all the details.

In the case of Selena, this song would be the perfect opportunity to get together with his musical career, let him back, while she is suffering and arguing with complications of the disease Lupus, for in 2017, had led to a kidney transplant, and a year later, they put him in a re-log in a mental institution. Little more than a month, assured that their next album -the first since 2015 – was already finished, but still could not gain a release date.

With information from Bang showbiz