the transformation of Isabel, a sailor lights Then


A week ago, the account Isabel Pantoja on Instagram you posted a picture, only a tuft of saw hair. The photo was accompanied by a single letter E. We had to wait a week to discover what is hidden in this little mystery, and at the same time, we knew the word, he hid himself behind this alphabet soup.

The photo, as it could be, was the own Isabel Pantoja, and the word in question, the title of the song, whose market launch is planned for may 17. December: ‘Then’.

But the most amazing thing of all was not the chosen strategy of the tonadillera (or their consultants), but the radical change in the look of the artist, with a mane leonina, and a make-up on ‘mode Beyoncé’including this ultra-Moreno and the slope crucifix from hypnotic character.

The singer accompanied the image with this text: “[email protected] [email protected]: I Am very notify it that excited you, that on Monday, the 16. December 3 PM, you can see the full photo of my new job. I don’t want to stop, tell you to work on the following day, the same time you adelantaré the single from my new album, in the with so much illusion, we are working on. This gift is available exclusively [email protected], my compañ[email protected] of travel. A lot of tension and a desire for exchange with [email protected] we start a new path…. Thank you! Want you to [email protected] your Elizabeth”.

Pantoja and Beyoncé, similar to reasonable. (IG)
Pantoja and Beyoncé, similar to reasonable. (IG)

It is possible that with this project, the singer you can get file differences with her daughter, Isa P., your own artistic career, has decided to begin. They are not positioned at the moment, but Yes, his brother, Kiko Riveraa few days ago she wrote: “mom, what little for those who enjoy their music!”. How soon the return of Isabel Pantoja on the scenarios?”.

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