Trainer game Fortnite and FaZe infected koronawirusem –


So far, information about koronawirusa on eSport limited to the following statements by the organizers, which included either their activities for the Fans, or you have decided to discard completely. Not yet appeared, however, reliable reports of persons who, in connection with the electronic competition, the zachorowałyby on COVID-19.

However, this is already past, because information about his disease, with the help of social networks Hugh “destiny Jesus” Gilmour. The Englishman, who since November of last year, the function of the expert, the FaZe Clan Division, Fortnite, is already the beginning of March, coughing, difficulty breathing and a high temperature complained. In this context, he decided to self-quarantine to go, and today announced that a positive result on the availability in the body koronawirusa.

At the Moment, is not known, where exactly is destiny Jesus could get infected with a dangerous Virus. Since the first days of March he had in Anaheim, where he’s just a tournament among signs DreamHacka. And then went for the ten-day stay in Los Angeles, and it is not excluded that the infection occurred.

To be sure, as you need to and your loved ones with Maximum security, you take care of the Hygiene and wash your hands often. Also, avoid staying in large groups and also safety clearance to other people. All information and recommendations in connection with the pandemic COVID-19 find on a Portal at this address.

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