Accuse Rihanna of misleading advertising in your lingerie is scandal!


Rihanna as an artist with great success in the music industry, she concentrated on their personal projects, such as a cosmetics series which was, reminiscent in social networks. As well as the lingerie brand Savage x-Code in it is the speaker, would be a problem, the number of accusations against you.

The above-mentioned, several complaints from buyers of this line of underwear because Savage x-Code would be a deceptive tactic of advertising to your customers stay with you, such as pay, almost double, if not part of a monthly membership.

The indictment against the lingerie Rihanna

Accuse Rihanna of misleading advertising in your lingerie is scandal!

Accuse Rihanna of misleading advertising in your lingerie is scandal!

Was the so-called non-profit organization “Truth in Advertising“that explains a communication in which they accused Savage x Code view, a questionable setting, just “fool to commit the consumer, the monthly fees, you don’t actually want”, which makes it almost impossible for the user to dispense with the membership.

For its part, the lingerie brand of Rihanna “Savage x-Code” refused this accusation, and said, citing the level of transparency for each of its products with detailed information, “information”, for the buyer to know what they are buying.

“These are false accusations based on misinterpretations of our business.”

What is, however, alarming that “Truth emphasized in Advertising”, this lingerie uses brand, the so-called “tactics of the deterrence and diversion” in many cases influencers the that provide this information wrong, not to mention that the price looks at first glance, you will not double if you get a membership.

“Many consumers love the brand promotes the empowerment of women and integration, as well as that you’ll have no problem in the purchase of products from this website”

“The problem is that it is not clear that the prices that you see in the social networks as a dependent, the purchase of a membership, because of the way works, that the process of the survey, at the end, which in a subscription model, without knowing it”

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Also, if this problem would even become more complicated, could be a result of a pity, as the castle with the Federal Trade commission for the imposition of a fine in the amount of almost 50 million us dollars a company, similar to Savage x-Code, one of the worst cases of misleading advertising.

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