“Act of love”: Selena Gomez seem to be the mistreatment of Justin Bieber | TRIBUNE


United States Of America.- The famous singer and actress, Selena Gomezcaused the great controversy in his most recent interview on the platform Geniusbecause your fans will ensure that justified the abuse you receive from your former spouse more polemics Justin Bieber.

Gomez pointed out that with the years, it was found that young people who hurt your partner pus, produces a satisfaction, because the demustra that really are interested in you and your love, what was taken as a way of justification of Justin from the abuse and infidelity the course of 10 years, which is part of the life of the other.

I have hurt have heard and experienced, and I believe that men and women do it, particularly the young and the young lovers, the satisfaction of () somebody, because you know that you don’t care. I had someone before actually said to me,” said Selena, without naming names.

According to exestrella Disney, the started audience on the platform that appears troublesome, for you to ensure that you tried to justify that in Canada, to set a pretext, the “act of love”.

Selena any time the name, who experienced such a situation, but on the basis of a previous interview, Bieber is said to have revealed to abused her emotionally more than once, so that his fans quickly came to the conclusion that it was he who spoke, and tried to justify himself

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