Beyoncé is working with Adidas to revive Ivy Park


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Just yesterday, we announced that, in addition to the work on a new album, Beyoncé this cooperation with Netflix in a documentary talk about what the most memorable moments of his career, including their historical performance in Coachella 2018, better known as Beychella. Today we have more good news about the singer: your brand athleisure Ivy Park returned from the death.

Your cooperation with Topshop terminated, if the President of the brand, which has been accused of sexual harassment and intimidation in the past year, and now, Queen B opened its line, with a suitable partner a lot better: Adidas. Their new collection is not only clothes, but also a signature created, the other shoes. Yes, you understand well, the tennis for the exercise of Beyonce are about to happen.

Adidas had the task of you about the exciting news via Instagram. The company released a GIF, the logo of the partnership, the name of the singer to appear.

In a press release, Bey said that the agreement with Adidas is: “the partnership for the whole life”. The singer has also added that “Adidas had great success in the impulse for the creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the top of the shops. We hope to revive and expand, Ivy Park, on a scale truly global, the market leader, tested and dynamic“.

With this news, Beyoncé confirmed to us that, although seized 2018 planned through your presentation in one of the music festivals in the world’s most popular, this in 2019, conquer new fans through a variety of media, from film and his legendary music-and now with the relaunch of the Ivy-Park.

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