Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prefer a simple wedding


Katy Perry pulls up the house for sale on your wedding with Orlando Bloom, this was in an interview for a radio station, where he planned to have, it is easy to

The singer of “Bon Appétit” and “Dark Horse” said that the preparations will flow gradually, orderly and well, but she also said what was your priority when you have the date in front of the altar with the actors from the trilogy of the “Lord of the rings”.

“Of course we are trying to create a good basis for emotional commitment for life, what is very important,” said the popera clear, then, that what you want is a simple wedding.

Bloom took advantage of a Valentine’s day celebration, to give him the ring to Perry, of the a the shape of a flower. The answer was a resounding “Yes” and until it is released, respectively, on their social networks, a fact which is rarely or almost never.