Nicolas Prattes shows dating for three months, and it is the first photo with the choice. You know who you are!


Nicolas Prattes have a new love!!! Nine months after the end of the affair with Julie Paiva, and rumors of a reconciliation with the actress, the performer of the Alfredo of the novel: “there Were Six of us in the speculation to an end, at the public presentation of his new girlfriend on the first photo together on Instagram. “I bring you good”, legendou matter in the data set, in which she will appear lying on a rock. For the elect this is The first born of the year, Blaschek, in Rio de Janeiro and is a student of industrial engineering, and they have even gained fans and a fan club on social media. The mother of a lady’s man, has left Prattes a comment with a emoticon for a heart on the post.

Nicolas Prattes, reveals her curiosity with The Blaschek

In their stories, Both of which Prattes went with the flow of the filter with the quiz, and it has some of the facts in regard to your new relationship. According to the artist, and he Himself Blaschek, we have been together since the beginning of this month. “Three months ago”, he will answer. About one who sleeps the most, the actor assured that say, “I’m me”, but when he was asked who gets the first sleep, or pull faster, he confesses, “I am.” If you don’t talk about jealousy, Nicolas knows how to explain, who shows the most sense, and it was to respond to the couple of fitness, what he or she loves to eat. “Eat,” he said.

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