Salma Hayek shows the performance of the meet Was at the Oscars


Salma Hayek was one of the presenters of the academy awards, and the American actress had a moment of astonishment, that was in the behind-the-scenes of the awards, with the rapper Eminem.

The actress is of Mexican, shared a few photos of the event Was on, and in the face to explain to the two in the pictures I had of what really happened.

Salma said that, just before you go on stage, she spilled accidentally, the water on the charts. Even if on the pictures it looks very user-friendly, with, Was, Hayek said that, in fact, he was terrified for his carelessness.

In these pictures, it seems that Eminem and I are the best of friends, but what really happens is that, as long as he left the stage, and I was always ready to go, I was so surprised to see him, I threw the water on him,” he said.

Salma said that, although at first glance they seem to be images in a very user-friendly, this embrace was a reaction to the neglect that he has committed:

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“If you look at the photo, I see a difference, and he seems to be afraid of me. If you try to clean it up, without thinking, I embraced him and said, ” nice to meet you, Eminem. I’m a huge fan!’. But I was very disappointed with the performance, I did when I met him for the first time,” she said.

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Salma Hayek confesses that he had the idea that it bothered him, but she was pleasantly surprised, as I read in an interview that the singer gave to Rolling Stone magazine, where he said that the academy awards was an epic night, especially after he met with Salma. When he was asked whether he had enjoyed the evening, and he said:

“Of course not! I hugged Salma Hayek!”.

Salma immediately responded to the comment “Eminem you are great!!!”.

The book is racist

Salma Hayek was strongly criticised this week for their fans on the social network, so to recommend a book by the author, Jeanine Cummins, the so-called “American race” because of their great content, the racist, in relation to migrants.

After receiving thousands of reviews, the actress you had to apologize to him and revealed to him that he had not read the book that was sent to you organized by the book Club of Oprah Winfrey.

“Yesterday I sent you a message about a book already on my Instagram. I would like to say that, if you sent me this selection of book club, I was excited when I read the description of a Mexican woman, and I rushed to my excitement with you. I must confess that I read the book, and I was not aware of the controversy it has generated. I would like to thank all that have called attention to myself, and I rebuked you for conducting an investigation of exactly what I recommend. This means that you know me, and you have given me the benefit of the doubt. I’m so sad with you to talk about something, tried without it, or without it, I should know better,” writes the artist.

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The controversy is born, by ensuring that the author, Jeanine Cummins ‘ take on the stories of migrants, with a view to profit, and the promotion of racist stereotypes of the Mexican people.