Shakira shows a new facet


Shakira is one of the artists Latin, the highest international recognition, what keeps you busy most of the time. However, in spite of his busy schedule of the artist in Colombia gives you time to prove your love and attention for their children.

On a casual and funny video on Instagram, Shakira, together with more than 60 million fans is a publication in which you will see on the artist, by ejericcio, plays while their children, Milan and Sasha, around you .

The video title of “Mom Life”, which is already more than 5 million views and comments, congratulate the artist and show them affection.

In spite of all his pursuits, the artists have time to prepare, in addition to Jennifer Lopez for your presentation, next month, in the musical break of the Super Bowl.

In addition, a new recently started, simply “Like” next to the reguetonero Anuel AA, which generated a lot of controversy.

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