Taylor Swift, the Mexican photographer Rodrigo Prieto praises, who worked in their new video Tomatazos


The entertainment industry is so huge and diverse that you as a photographer in a day, you can work with a award winning and recognized filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese and as a part of the music video artists of the decade, Taylor Swift. This is what happened with the Mexican Rodrigo Prieto, who, after he was nominated part of the band ScorseseThe Irish 100%, the production of the video ‘The Man’, in which the singer of hits like ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Love Story’ makes a critique of the social inequality of the sexes.

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A few weeks ago the long awaited video of the song ‘The Man’ Swift. The letter tells how your career, your behavior and your essence would look, if you were a man. Along with the audio-visual production and the character of the life in front of a couple of references to the world of cinema; the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio goes on a trip on his private yacht to a lot of models around you, without being criticized, while it rained signage by your love.

But this is not the only reference movie Swiftin other songs, is come, not to mention ribbon The Great Gatsby – 48%, the DiCaprio he was also a part of, and while your video is ‘The Man’, in which she pretends to be a man, also a part of The Wolf Of Wall Street 78%. But to achieve all these scenes worthy of the movies Scorsese his team came, who has worked closely with the Director of Taxi Driver 98% and so it was, as Prieto completed under the guidance of the singer. During the making off the video was published to their YouTube channel, the singer spoke more about working with the Mexican:

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Rodrigo, one of the Directors of audio-visual Scorsese, the man is more than amazing, I’ve worked with, I can’t believe my luck.

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But that was not the only message Swift said about Rodrigo. On 27 February, when the video of the light, about Twitter, the interpreter thanked his entire team for the production of this project, among them, of course, the Director is Mexican have helped:

Rodrigo Prieto, our camera man and film maker, is absolutely bright and realistic and fun.

Between the criticism, the singer is the fact that he never supported the policy, and ensured that he is Trumpwho, as the President has said, against the Mexicans, therefore, it is clear that the singer was also against the latinos, rumors that afianzaban more, because you never came on earth, Mexico with a tour. However, with this new album, with the title of ‘Lover’, has its true ideal, like your support for the LGBT community, the support of the Mexicans that when working with a strong message in the direction of the industry and of the world, in terms of the perception of women.

For his part, Rodrigo Prieto the film was on more than one occasion, accolade, the Oscar, the recently Irishup to the year 2016 through the silence – 84% and in 2005 by mystery in the mountains – 87%. In your resume cooperation with several prominent Directors such as Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, who is also nominated for the Academy award Pedro Almodóvar and, of course, with his compatriot Alejandro González Iñárritu on the famous band Amores Perros can 92%, in the year 2000. In the year 2013 directed the short film Likenesswith Elle Fanning, and can see below:

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