The project for the improvement of traffic, what of the exchange of the company in accordance with the bad effects – the city


The Red you use the in-line four-bus feature of the city's 41 seats

The Red use the in-line four-bus function of the city 41 in the seat – this is easy.

The reorganization of the road Transport System Intercity initiated by the government of a state, which is already the first concrete effects, with the replacement of the company, on line, 061, the bad effects of the city. On the road the is will take over the service from 1. February, instead of the Transport of the Brazilian team.

The technical staff of the State Agency for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan) is the bad effects of Wednesday (29. March), promoting the transition, in conjunction with the two companies. The Red you use can be used in-line four-bus feature of the city’s 41 seats and a capacity of 78 persons, because that is the type of line to travel on foot. The vehicle, with a five-year-of-manufacture, updating of the structure that is available to users, had the condition of the old bus, since it is one of the main complaints that you may have.

The substitution, sponsored by the regulatory authority is part of the activities coordinated in parallel with the development of the master Plan of Transportation (PDTC), a project of the provincial government, through the together, Agepan, and the Secretariat of infrastructure (Seinfra). At the termination of the Plan, and the following bids to the general of the lines expected to be completed is 2022 to October. It is Limited, pursuant to an agreement of the government with the office of the public Prosecutor of the state, the Agency is obliged to check the individual performance of each operator, and define the Problem or not, the call permission.

To request the deadline for the company a temporary leave, in order to win at the end of December, and on the road, the Brazilian team has shown not to be in a position to keep your operating line, the choice to apply for a residence card. The Plan for the improvements, as determined by the Agepan, and who is going to participate in the town hall not go, and the Agency is made by the exchange operator.

“The state is responding to an old demand of the user for this row. The government, as concession grantor, and the regulatory authority wants to ensure that it is a model of the highest quality, but also on the immediate improvement on the current service. For this reason, the decision to change the formulation of the “master Plan”, says the President and ceo of the Agepan, Youssif Domingos.

The mayor of Iranil Smith received the staff of the Agepan to get to know the details of the transition to the new operation. It is also reported that the reconformação on the roads of the earth, the line on the urban area of bad effects, which is currently completed. The Updates have been committed, the County with the Agepan-to ensure that the trafegabilidade, it was difficult in many areas.

The mayor noted that the improvement of the transportation with the possible replacement of a service provider, it serves as one of the three requirements, the Present of the bad effects of the Governor Reinaldo Azambuja in the action of the government, as well as the application of the asphalt-paving of the bus. “We thank the state government for the quick action. We had asked for a feasibility study to see whether it would be possible, or put on more business. And the measures by the government and the technical analysis of the Agepan the result is that we are here today.”

At first, the design of the operational, such as timetables, routes and pick-up points will be maintained. In the future, according to the study, initiated by the Agepan that the need for adjustments in the changes in order to ensure that the quality of the operation.

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