The songs of Beyoncé, that is the talk of the infidelity of Jay-Z


The singer have downloaded against the rapper on the cd “Lemonade”.

“I had my UPS and downs, but I always found the strength me up, gave me lemons and I made the lemonade.” Hattie White, of Granny your husband Jay-Z again and again he repeated this sentence. Beyoncé decided inmortalizarla on the name of your current hard drive “Lemonade”. The disc contains three songs, in which QueenB download against the rapper after the public infidelity to be made in 2017.

The couple married, was born in april of 2008, and in 2012 their daughter Yvy Blue Carter. But the trigger so lived in the year 2015, when Jay-Z she was unfaithful Beyoncé then you have a problem with a business of your company. The unveiling of the singer made in the year 2017, in an interview for The New York Times.

The music served them therapy. The artist, the 37-year-old, she released her album “Lemonade” and the singer of 50 years to premiere “4:44”. Everyone took in the letters, the UPS and downs of their marriage. They were met under the eyes of the press and of public opinion, but also with their professional obligations.

The birth of their twins Sir and Rumi Carter in the year 2017 revindicó the couple. Then tatuaron in one finger the number 4, as a sign of reconciliation. Now both will continue their world tour, call “OTR-II-Tour”. Both artists exceeded the barriers and life to the full extent of their relationship.

1. Hold-Up

In the video, the artist falls on a building, but instead you fall to the ground, in the water. There swims and sings and collects a poem by Warsan Shire: “however, to know was still in me… do you want to cheat me?” Then Bey comes to the surface with a gorgeous yellow dress and a stick in the hand as a symbol of empowerment.


2 Don ‘ t Hurt Yourself

In the video clip is a Beyoncé appreciates more aggressive, but also self-aware. A fragment of the song aimed at Jay-Z: “Who do the hell you think I am? You’re not with a woman married to an average (…) take your money, I have money, I have the biggest smile on my face if you are alone, you’re a bad man with a God complex”. And storms: “This is your last warning, you know, I gave you life, if you try this shit again, you lose your wife”.


3 Sorry

The simple strength of the album. In the video, Serena Williams will also appear. “What are you gonna say at my funeral that I killed now? Here is the body of the love of my life, whose heart lies fallow, without that someone would give me a gun in my head. Here are the mother of my children,” reads a fragment. It is believed that Jay-Z unfaithful to him, with the designer Rachel Roy and, therefore, Bey it calls for: “Just I want when I’m there, you’d better phone Becky, the pretty hair”.