What separated the divorce: the story of the love of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony


Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez you are a good example of this is to transform that love of the couple, for the well-being of children and the creation of friendships, the strongest in the show-business-Spanish. Así these were the famous recorded in events in schools, families, and even in daily life the life in occasions in which you are the new owner of her heart.

In New York, met in 1998, when he was in a musical on Broadway. Time, “The Diva from the Bronx” has noted, that in this night the salsa told: “One day you’ll be my wife,” judgment was fulfilled many years later.

A year after his love, Marc asked them to appear in the video for their song Don’t know methat would be on the album Against the current. The famous agreed with the condition that they unite their voices in a song, now a classic, romantic, Don’t love meincluding on your hard drive On the six.

Your cooperation in Don’t love me the fruits of that soon, since sat for ten weeks in a row, the number one in the Billboard Latin Tracks revealed and the music video, a reminder of your history together.

The latinos were great friends after this cooperation, but also the love developed between them after a few years of common work. He was, until 2004, when JLo their engagement ended with the actor Ben Affleck and the salsa to finiquitó his marriage to ex-beauty Queen, Dayanara Torres, started, something more than a simple affection.

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The singer for help with the issue of Sway, that he is a part of the soundtrack of the movie Shall We Dance? and in June of the same year the couple married in a private ceremony and a secret house of Jennifer in Beverly Hills.

A year after the couple appeared in the Grammy Awards, where she interpreted the song Escapémonos, which, after it was included on the disc It was worth it from Anthony. Participation, fresh married life gave couple in love who are looking to live away from it all, his deep love.

In 2007, the happy couple returned to the cooperation in several projects, among these the film The Singer, which reached staged and is based on the life of salsa-Hector plate, the top. Instead, the theme of By Risk, it formed a part of the material cd recording of JLo: How to love a woman. In that year, the singer have announced that they are parents. And so it happened, on the 22 of February next, Jennifer gave birth to twins Max and Emme.

The result of this marriage came in July 2011 but the divorce recognize could, until June 2014. Marc Anthony married model Shannon de Lima; while JLo she started Smart with the dancers, Casper.

Years later meet again on a stage. The selected location of the interpreter for the accession he was again in the ceremony of the Latin Grammy awards in the year 2016, when she sang the famous song Olvídame, and glue the roundthe duet Argentine Burnet, and was in the second disc in English by “The Diva of the Bronx”

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During this participation, the ex-partner is the most famous Latin-American music, you kissed on the stage. According to JLo the recognition of the “personality of the year, presented to him” to her ex-husband.

The audience went crazy with screams and applause. “I know very well,” said Anthony. “She’s like a sister”, he continued. The singer that they have not dedicated the award to “your children” and “all the people said to me,”.

For his part, JLo and said: “our journey and the artistic staff have learned and grown so much. Always a lot of things in my life: my mentor, a soul mate, to have a father. He is not the only a person of the year, but for the whole of life”.

Since then, this iconic pair has been together in various events for the promotion of the upbringing and education of their children. Furthermore, conceited, his numerous participations in social networks, where you have entrusted to share your moments with the family.

The most recent was a publication of Marc Anthony, where is the love you still have.

On another occasion, attended a festival in the school, but the surprise came when Alex Rodriguez, the current partner of Jennifer Lopez was also in attendance.

And so the life of the couples most beautiful, show latino is now.