Why Epic did not weaken, but now the servo pump goals in Fortnite?


Help to aim is seriously undermined. Ultimately, this did not happen.

In the community Fortnite znerfienia always speaks of the necessity, that is, the weakening of the Controller. Here it is mainly to do with the fact that the controllers have the features that aim.

Epic Games already reported some time ago that the destructive to the function on computers. It turns out, however, that it is not so simple.

Amplifier is goals, at least for now

Yesterday, so the day, when the amplifier needs to be Epic off reported to suffer after some time.

As I said, so far, the function is activated. It was, however, omitted even a possible date, the reasons for which have not been broken. Likely Epic will have to wait until the next Update.

Patch must be entered 12.20, already in the next few days. It is a large Update that includes new items, cosmetics, bug fixes and maybe some new items. Unfortunately it is not known exactly when the Epic, she plans to introduce.

After leakerów, the Update has already been tested. This means that Epic are already preparing for their implementation.

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