A woman stole a car Beyoncé be insured


Surena Henry, of new Mexico, defended himself and said that they “had found the car with the key inside” and therefore decided to go for a ride.

Henry, the responsibility for various offences, including theft of a vehicle, concealing identity and resisting arrest.

The owner of the car explained to the authorities that they had stopped accidentally the key in, or you are him had fallen, in the vicinity of the house.

According to a report, a police officer saw that the car actively through the streets of Las Cruces and tried to stop him, but the driver ignored the order and drove on.

The woman then parqueó in front of your house.

If necessary, your identity, Beyoncé Knowles will be insured. Convinced that you log, the uniformed, they took his fingerprints and compared.

Expected to Surena Henry was not only Beyoncé, but had a warrant for not appearing at a hearing before the court.

The woman was arrested and is in custody of the county of Doña Ana.

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