Again, “Casting K. Perry,” the work inspired by the life of Katy Perry


The theatre offers new features in March in the auditorium of the University.

The national airline of the Drama Club back on the Billboard santiaguina with the work of “Casting K. Perry,” a piece of the award-winning Assembly excelled, 7° Festival de Teatro EN la Universidad Mayor (2019). The work will be presented from Saturday, 14 to 28 March in the auditorium of the University, in Santo Domingo 711.

Premiered in september of last year, the work of “Casting K. Perry,” surprised the audience with the story of three women, gathered in a mysterious casting for you to substitute the singer Katy Perry. Inspired by the legendary live broadcast of a session of psychological therapy Perry reality while promoting your hard disk “Witness” -the Perry explained, the crisis is existential and creative, the by – this work shows the different tests to provide to would-be star. To this aim, the admission of the public will be crucial, since the intervention by the target group is crucial for the outcome of the story.

Directed by Nelson Valenzuela, the part with the performances by Paulina Morales, Macarena Astudillo, Antara Krögh, Sara Marambio and Hugo, Bruna, occupation, from 2018, the Assembly marked by a fascination for the pop music and the interaction between the stars of the music and the audience work.

“The way the work is very interesting,” says the Director of the work, Nelson Valenzuela.

“The audience reached, thinking about the apparent superficiality of the world of pop music, question, what is the role of take care of each and every one of us at the time create these stars of the music, the speeches, have held, or messages that you supply. The work shows that, and for us it was a pleasant surprise that the audience in the hall you can take part and play in this casting,” she adds.

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Casting K. Perry, the company’s second plant Drama Club, a group that it is slavery is best known for his award-winning installation “today, the answer, thousands of Christmas cards” (Best editing and Best actress at the IV Festival inter escuelas of the University up to 2016).

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Features Casting K Perry:
14, 15, 19, 21, 22, 26 and 28. March 2020.

Opening hours: Thursday – 19:00/ Saturday and Sunday – 18:00 PM/ double feature, March 28 – 12:00 and 18:00