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The title pages of journals, this view from the side, than I are at a kiosk, your cover letter, the top of the pyramid reflects hundreds of hours of work on dozens of pages. The title pages of fashion magazines, in particular, are a product of extremely careful, and if we Vogue in its American edition even more. Already, whether it’s the number of september, is its mimo, so that she has dedicated to him, even a documentary, The September Issue.

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the magazine since 1988, and keeps a strict control over the content and forms for the whole magazine, but especially this number, and your cover. September is the most important of the year, an account of the novelties of the autumn, the start of the course; occasionally, its thickness is chosen in such a way that the driver that you are at home —a system that will not have complained frequently in the United States— the fact that you can in the mailboxes. This year it will be even more special: his protagonist is a singer, Beyoncé is.

Beyoncé at the Grammy awards in New York, in January 2018.
Beyoncé at the Grammy awards in New York, in January 2018. Christopher Plk Getty Images

This year, however, Wintour, you have to drop the strict reins in the position of the singer. The artist is on the cover of this iconic number from september, of all things, in the year in which Wintour part of three decades on the front of the head. And has not want to the intention to leave, although it was on the box edition of the magazine, the managing Director of the company’s publisher, Condé Nast, has assured that, “as Director and artistic Director of Conde Nast for an indefinite period of time”.

According to sources of the publication, Beyonce, star in this number…but with conditions. It could not be otherwise: it is necessary at all times, in the times and in the doses, and tends to be behind the surface is visible, as it is thanks to this cover. Something, that already in the year 2015, as he also so privileged situation. Although at the time, did what, without the usual interview accompanying the photo reportage. Two anonymous sources, quoted in the American edition of the HuffPostsay , Yes, this time there is an interview, but this won’t be Wintour, but Queen Bwho decides self-photos of the meeting are published, both on the cover and in the interior, and nothing less, that the photos that accompany them.

Because Beyoncé is dosed with a pipette interviews. Your policy, personal and business, whether this separation is possible, delineate. The last, barely a couple of lines about art and jewelry, was up in may Vogue in the United Kingdom. Before she spoke (and it was a title page) in april 2016 with the magazine Elle in the United States and was primarily for the advertising of their brand of clothing. The previous website was in the years 2014 and by e-mail to the magazine Out. In fact, it is easier to speak issues: in January 2017, the interviewer of your sister to Solange Knowles Interview.

Beyond the text, the great innovation of Beyonce Knowles in this year in the photography. It is you, who has chosen you, the photographer, the retratará for the cover. And far away from the big names that normally adorn this pictures by Mario Testino (what she was doing until 2015), Patrick Demarchelier, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, or Annie Leibovitz (who photographed Jennifer Lawrence in the september issue last year, in front of the statue of liberty). In this case, the boy is Tyler Michell, 23 years old, is the first photographer, who is black, will lead you to a cover page for the publication on its 126-year history.

According to the same sources of HuffPost“the reason, from a photographer of black-and-23 years, Switzerland, Beyoncé for the cover Vogue it is because the self-Beyoncé has used his power and influence to cause them to this order”. A order that is without a doubt a salutary lesson in your career: the output in the rule, to about a thousand pages, with about 600 advertisers, media, and attracts more than a million copies. And this is the market.

Your youth does not merit taking away, and shows to demystify that Beyoncé (or, um, his legend, his staff) know very well what they are doing. Mitchell is originally from Atlanta, but sitting in New York, at whose University he studied— it is no newcomer: 2015 autoeditó a book about Cuba The New York Times insured, which was to be in December 2017, with its “intense look” a talent that is more than interesting, and has already worked for brands such as Givenchy, Ray Ban, or Converse. Also, you knows well, the two families work for Solange Knowles, the sister of the artist has done, she has been signed, reports Teen Vogue (edition of junior magazine, USA), and was Director for video in Condé Nast.

A further possibility for the artist can demonstrate that you have strong influence on almost every industry, where it is ubiquitous, but from the way you like: you can months pass without to post a picture, but then make them a photo album on your website. In the musical area of the crown with their musical hits and the concerts of the (opened the festival Coachella this year, after the demolition in 2017, due to her pregnancy), but also in the commercial sector: your husband, partner, and partner in artistic, Jay-Z, is the owner of the platform Tidal, where both presented their work. In the social networks that each of your photos viral, and the picture of the pregnancy of her twins broke the record of me on Instagram. The photos of the couple Nude to join in last June (where they knew, as only you know how personal and professional) went around the world. No doubt that your cover in Voguemore of them never to talk give avocada.