Beyoncé signing with Adidas to revive Ivy Park, the brand of the singer


BERLIN – Beyoncé Knowles found a new home for your brand, Ivy Park, with Adidas, one of the prominent largest in the world is to count.

The singer has an agreement with Adidas for the resumption of Ivy Park, your online athleisure previously, Topshop sold. As part of the agreement, Knowles is a partner for creative businesses, will provide new shoes and clothing for Adidas are developing.

Knowles, and called the possibility of a “partnership for life” in its publication. Their new collection is significant on the basis of the “narrative and rich” of the singer.

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His collection of Ivy Park was in the Topshop in april 2016, as a joint venture. The products ranged from us $ 25 in t-shirts without sleeves, with up to 265 dollar suits of the whole body.

Ivy Park bought his remaining interest in the parent company of Topshop, Arcadia Group last year, after the billionaire and President of Arcadia, Philip Green, brought out of the Kingdom of sexual abuse in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. He denied the allegations and said that “to the extent that the suggests that I was guilty of the sexual behavior or racist, illegal, refuse, categorically, and these allegations”.

Adidas added that the club “will respect the property of Beyoncé in your company, continues its journey as one of the first black women in the owner of a brand athleisure“.

Retailers such as Adidas sign partners and sponsors, celebrities to help attract customers to their brands. Walmart, for example, together with Ellen DeGeneres last year for the development of the EV1, an exclusive fashion line. Martha Stewart has an online article for in-house exclusively for Macy’s. And sports brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas to sign contracts with athletes to use, and throw away your clothes.

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A technology company, but they also-famous partner: Intel introduced Will.i.on as Director of creative innovation 2011 and BlackBerry Alicia Keys as creative director in 2013.

Although it is not clear what Knowles is involved in the daily operations of Adidas, she is more than just a patron, to be famous. Knowles has her own label and invests in a new company, the ” health for women.