Coronavirus | COVID-19 | Miley Cyrus refers to the quarantine of a scene from “Hannah Montana” [VIDEO]


Miley Cyrus stands out for its originality when sharing content in social networks. This time, the measures for the prevention of the said, against the contagion new coronavirusbearing in mind episodes of “Hannah Montana“the series he played as a teenager.

The singer, 27-year-old posted a video on Instagram, where it is displayed, your disciples, a Chapter in popular fiction, and the signal Disney.

In the clip, the feast is with a face mask during the cleaning of your bathroom, but everything goes awry when they discover that everything in your house is a complete mess. “2. day quarantine. The am really I do. Now“he said Miley Cyrus in the legend of the video.

In this sense, shared other considerations in connection with the outbreak of the new coronavirus didactic wayfrom explain the most important measures to take, with episodes “Hannah Montana“. Miley he recommended the isolation, the aim of the virus COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Social distance“recommended by the artist in social networks, and added a picture, where Hannah Montana demands that you touch, for to be a star. Also the interpreter, “Wrecking ball” he wrote a feeling message, all his followers, you are applying can demonstrate empathy for the other.

I know seen. With respect. To be compassionate. Man. While we prepare ourselves, the social distance… no one is any soup in the shop needs. The more atesoremos, more expensive and scarcer, the demand, leaving many without the basics. This is a good time to practice restraint,” said Miley Cyrus. “Think twice before you fear, and ruthless. It is enough for all, if we care for each other, “he added.

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